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Six Steps to Beat Your Anger

The Anger Management Programme

Our most popular option, the anger management group programme offers an extremely powerful and cost effective way to manage your anger and take control of you life. Most courses are run from Tong Hall, ideally located between Leeds and Bradford with easy access to the motorway network. 

Run in small groups our anger management programme is run as a psycho-educational group. This means that you will learn practical models to help understand and control your anger.  You will also have the time and space to explore your own anger process and uncover the thinking patterns that may contribute to your anger issues.

  • Understand the REAL nature of Anger and learn techniques that will work for ANYONE, even if you currently feel powerless to change. You will end up feeling calm, confident and assertive.

  • In addition you will learn powerful models from Transactional Analysis to help you understand your relationships with others.  This will also help you to avoid anger situations by being appropriately assertive and problem solving.

  • By the end of the course you will  have written your own unique action plan that will help you control your anger in any situation

Each group provides 12 hours of anger management.  Both Nathan and Anthony are working clinicians so they can be flexible about how each programme is delivered ensuring each group member gets the best possible expereince.

The group programme is semi structured combining essential learning with an opportunity to explore your individual anger process. Each course is run in small groups which means that you get as much individual attention as you require.

We constantly monitor outcomes to ensure that we are providing the highest level of service

The next course takes place in Bingley starting Thursday 27 April 

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12 Proven Strategies to Beat Your Anger

Need help with your anger but not sure where to start?

Our FREE mini course introduces you to 12 of the best techniques taken from our highly effective and succesful course "6 Steps to Beat Your Anger"
The course contains a short 30 minute presentation where I introduce each of the 12 techniques making them simple and easy to apply immediately. IN addition your will get a free PDF downlaod of the techniques that you can keep on your smart phone or table for easy reference.
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