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Counselling for Anxiety & OCD
Do you suffer from intrusive negative thoughts? Does your anxiety or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder stop you living the life you want? Then now is your opportunity to start to build the life you truly desire.
Anxiety and OCD are terrible conditions to suffer. They fill your mind with negative thoughts that sap your self-confidence and leave you wondering what is wrong with you. And it's not just the media cliche of germophobes, excessive cleaning or constant checking. Many of our clients are plagued by intrusive thoughts of a dark, sexual or violent nature. Wracked by worry they seek frequent reassurance from those around them.

We know that many of our clients spend years before reaching out for professional help. Is that you? Have you spent years wondering what is wrong with you, of wondering why you can't be "just like everyone else"?

At some point, you probably searched the internet for help. You came across some labels: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder or something similar. At the time that probably gave you some relief. Better to have a label than just feel broken or bad, right?

Maybe you tried self-help books, meditation or hypnosis? And perhaps they brought you some relief - for a short period of time. But eventually, those negative thoughts return leaving you frustrated with nowhere to turn.
At Emerge Therapy we understand anxiety, not as a disease, but as a symptom of a deeper internal conflict. Working in depth we have helped clients find a deeper connection with their sense of identity and purpose which has, in turn, resulted in a calmer and less stressful life.

We have anxiety therapists located in Bradford, Leeds, and Bingley. Individual therapy is charged at £50 per session.

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