5 Rules for Friendly Fighting

In the second of my series of blogs on managing conflict in relationships offer some ideas for creating more effective management of your relational differences.

Setting Limits on Conflict in your Relationship

All couples will face differences and challenges in their relationship. It is as inevitable as death and taxes. What differentiates successful couples from those that split-up, is their ability to use these challenges as a means of enhancing their relationship.

The Stroke Bank Challenge

How much are you depositing in the Stroke Bank? This simple concept might just be the easiest way to start improving your relationship. Take the challenge today and see improvements in your relationship within 5 days.

6 Reasons to Run away from Your Anger

It has long been known that running, alongside other forms of aerobic exercise, has a beneficial effect on your mental wellbeing. There are enormous benefits to a regular exercise routine but can running specifically help your anger.

Mindfulness – Does it really matter?

I was inspired to write this Blog after talking with Joanna, another Counsellor who was also giving information and advice about the counselling she offered, as part of our Complementary Therapies Open Day at Prospect House Clinic, Bingley.

Sometimes it’s Not About Anger!

In my last blog post “Does Anger get a bad press” I explored the roots of anger in our biological systems that developed to keep us safe from threat. I showed how anger can be linked to our fight or flight response and how, when channelled assertively, anger can be a powerful force for change. So why do so many of us have a problem with anger? In a 2008 report for the UK government over 25% of survey respondents admitted being worried by their own anger.

Does anger get a bad press?

As an anger management specialist I frequently scan the web for articles relating to anger and rage. I often come across articles and quotes that talk about the bad outcomes that can occur when anger is mishandled, undirected or used to foster violence and hate.